Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Party goes on without my friend Dana, He was the man responsible for building the sound system and teaching a technophobe like me how to put it all together. It is though a testament to his skills that even without him being there the system works and sounds fantastic.

Dana will be missed for sure, but as the Garden Party continues to grow, with more musicians more audience it is down to him that it all works. If you are a musician basically all you need to bring is you instrument and a cord, I can plug you in to the P/a and you can do your thing without worrying about sound quality.
Shoeless Dana Brown
It was Dana's last week at the Garden party, for some reason he prefers being with his lady in the Windy City than spending his Sundays with us. We let him play the drums for a while though despite his bum knee.
John, Darrel, bob and me Just out walking the dog
Patsy Brown and John Santos entertaining us as usual, they came out to see friend Dana off in style, we missed Bubba though - get well soon buddy and come see us
Probably the smallest member of the audience
This is what the garden party is all about, musicians just palying and having fun