Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A couple of pics of the incredible Evangelina, this girl can sing anything, and she does sing it well. She rocked the place. We hope she will come visit often with us. All the musicians said how much they enjoyed it.
Steve and Rick entertained us with some incredible Jazz, this was ricks first visit with us and he seemed to enjoy himself. we hope he comes more often.
The great thing about these Sunday gigs is that all sorts of different musicians, with different backgrounds and interests turn up just to play. We all like to jam and play different styles and we all like to entertain. Because we are doing it just for fun the atmosphere is incredible, no ego's no hogging the mic, if someone wants to play or sing thats cool with us. In the last two weeks we have heard cool jazz, country, blues, latin, cajun and even some good old rock n roll. So whatever your musical preferences are there is a good chance you will hear some here, and if you play - well bring your guitar we wanna hear you. 
Darrel and Mike laying down some blues